Services Overview

KMI has an extensive portfolio of numerous plaster projects, from historical renovations to European design and modern influence, our talented office and field personnel deliver high-end results that achieve superior satisfaction

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Rain Screen Systems

We have extensive knowledge and experience installing rains screen systems, vapor and air barriers. With these systems, multiple requirements and elements must be considered on each project. We work closely with the general contractors, design team during the engineering review and submittal process, then engage our highly trained field crews to ensure success.

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Lath & Plaster

  •  Exterior
  •  Exterior Framing and Sheathing
  •  Lath Systems
  •  Standard Stucco Systems
  •  Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS)
  •  Venetian Interior Plaster
  •  Veneer Plaster
  •  Decorative Custom Veneer
  •  Fellert Acoustical Plaster
  •  BASWAphon Sound   Absorbing Plaster System
  •  American Clay Plaster
  •  Plaster Restoration
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